ENCO Environmental provides air monitoring services for manufacturing, construction, mining, commercial and residential demolition projects.

Our Approach to Air Monitoring / Air Quality Testing

Our  occupational hygiene consultants have extensive experience conducting air monitoring / testing for workplace contaminants including:

Haztek focuses on designing exposure assessment programs appropriate to your organisation. The most suitable program for your organisation may involve air monitoring or the use of alternate assessment methods such as surrogate data, modelling or control banding. Our consultants will design efficient and effective exposure assessment programs specific to your needs.

Emphasis is placed on ensuring that the strategies developed are practical and can be readily implemented and understood by operational personnel.

Using accredited state-of-the-art sampling and analysis methodologies, Haztek occupational hygiene experts can conduct air monitoring and provide a detailed exposure assessment. Exposure assessment software including IHSTAT, IHData Analyst and EASS Sim are used for analysis of data.

Air Monitoring / Air Quality Testing

Air monitoring is undertaken to determine the concentrations of hazardous chemicals or agent in the workplace. Workplace air monitoring for assessment against exposure standards means measuring the chemical or agent in the air that the worker breathes while the task is underway.

Blanket monitoring programs are extremely expensive and can disrupt workforce scheduling. Systematic hazard identification and risk assessment to determine occupational exposure profiles assists with focussing monitoring programs on the groups where a need has been identified.

Air Monitoring / Air Quality Testing Program

When a need to conduct workplace air monitoring is identified a monitoring program or strategy must be developed. The objective of the monitoring program is often to ensure no workers suffer illness due to chemical exposures at the workplace. The objective may also be to determine compliance against exposure standards or to assess the effectiveness of engineering control measures.

When developing a monitoring program it is important to understand that the variability of the workplace environment is such that no universal approach is possible to cover all possible situations. The inconsistency of the workplace, in terms of density and intensity of activity, variability of activity, variability of exposure cloud and the influence of uncontrolled factors such as wind direction and worker practices results in the fact that data can only be related to the situation being studied at the time it was studied.

Our consultants can develop a monitoring program appropriate to your workplace and the activities being undertaken.

Air Monitoring Report

Our reports are written in plain English to address all the issues raised as part of the scope of work. Our reports include an executive summary, process description, methodology, results and recommendations. Short term and long term recommendations on control measures are provided to assist managers in the provision of a safe work environment.

Qualified Occupational Hygienists

Haztek occupational hygienists have experience within mining, civil, maritime, aviation and manufacturing industries. All our occupational hygienists have professional qualifications in Occupational Hygiene and hold full membership with the Australian Occupational Hygienists Association (AIOH).

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