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We provide a number of high value added services for our clients, intelligent solutions that can manage your requirements.

  • Residential Demolition

    Demolition Project Management

    A Pre-demolition inspections can uncover Asbestos Containing Material you did not know existed. Ensure you and your neighbours are are safe from harmful asbestos fibres.

  • Water Testing

    Environmental Testing Solutions

    Utilising state of the art equipment to test and monitor your water resources

  • Asbestos Inspections

    Professional and Qualified Asbestos Assessors

    Our Asbestos Assessors are the best in the business and are ready to visit your workplace

Asbestos exposure air monitoring is the process of testing the air in a workers breathing zone to assess the likelihood of exposure to respirable asbestos fibres. Exposure monitoring and the subsequent testing of the membrane filter is designed to unequivocally evaluate a person’s exposure level in order to compare the results with the national exposure standard.